Introduction: Underground Anthill

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The grooves you will make in the foam are the unpainted parts of your print. This is called a block print. If you want, you can use a paintbrush to fill in the parts of your anthill that didn't get covered with enough brown paint. Let the paint dry. Add a sky above your anthill with blue chalk or paint. Use a black marker or a pen to draw lots of busy ants crawling through the tunnels. What you need: Paper , Marker, Paint roller, Paint, Paintbrush. Optional: Soil, Bottle, Ants. You may also stick the paper onto a bottle and keep some ants in it and make the bottle 'come to life'. Observe the ants build their tunnels and you may also get some ideas. Add organisms and turn your bottle into a mini wildlife garden.

Step 1:

Carve some deep grooves into a foam tray to make a print that looks like the twisting, turning tunnels of an anthill. Cut off the curved edges of a clean foam tray so it lies nice and flat. Then, use a pencil to draw lots of curving lines into the tray. Press hard to make deep grooves( but not holes) in the foam. What you need: Paper Paint Marker Brush Foam tray Paint roller

Step 2:

Use a paint roller to lightly cover the foam tray in brown paint. Make sure you can still see the grooves you made for the ant tunnels.

Step 3:

Quickly flip the painted side of the foam tray onto a sheet of paper. Press the tray down with both hands. Carefully lift up the tray, trying not to smudge the print of the ant tunnels you have made. Let dry.

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