Introduction: Underwater Experience

I have created an underwater themed sensory board. I created this for Manoa Cottage and their Alzheimers patients to help engage them. I chose to do an underwater theme because I thought it would be nice to remind them of the ocean and hopefully spark some happy memories. I also created this theme because I do not think they are able to go to the beach anymore so I figured this would be a good way to help them remember how the beach was. My board is mostly to feel the different textures and the anchor is to practice "sewing". Overall, I created my board to help slow down the process of Alzheimers.

Step 1: Supplies

I used googly eyes, various duck tapes, cotton balls, velcro strips, sharpies, black and white glass stones, plastic gems, pool noodles, shoelace, wood board, and various glues to create my board. The cost was about $87 but it could vary depending on where you buy your supplies. I suggest buying a thick wood board because if it is too thin then the glass stones will pop off. I bought my supplies at Home Depot, Walmart, and Petco.

Step 2: The Sand

I attached the sandpaper to my board with super glue. I layered the sandpaper to make sure it wasn't completely flat and it had different levels.

Step 3: The Rock

I attached the black glass stones with super glue first and if that did not stick I used hot glue. If the stones still fell off I used gorilla glue to attach it back on, but if you use gorilla glue it creates a weird white hard substances around the stones.

Step 4: The Seaweed and Rock

I attached the velcro strips first and then I colored them with green sharpie. I used hot glue to attach the velcro strips. I then surrounded the seaweed with black and glass stones which are my "rocks". I glued them down with super glue and hot glue.

Step 5: The Fish and Bubbles

I outlined a fish and glued down a googly eye first, then I surrounded it with plastic gems until I hit my outline of a fish. I then attached cotton balls to be my "bubbles". I used hot glue to attach the plastic gems, the eye, and the cotton balls.

Step 6: The Octopus

I drew the outline of an octopus and then I attached the two googly eyes. I ripped pieces of the poole noodle and placed them around the eyes. I used the white glass stones to be the "tentacles" of the octopus. I used hot glue and super glue to attach everything to the board.

Step 7: The Turtle

I covered the styrofoam wreath with the darker brown duck tape and then I used a lighter brown to create a design on the "shell". Next I created the head, tail, and limbs of the turtle. I used green duck tape to cover clumps of cotton balls together. Then I hot glued them onto the shell and then I reinforced it with more dark brown duck tape. I attached two googly eyes to the head with hot glue. I hot glued two velcro strips to the bottom of the turtle and the corresponding side to the board so you are able to take off the turtle and interact with it.

Step 8: The Anchor

I used a laser cutter to cut out my anchor and I used Inkscape to set up my anchor design. You can use cardboard but it might be a little harder and not as clean. I then drilled a little whole in my board above my black rock (but you can put it anywhere). I then tied a small piece of shoelace to the top of the anchor and tied it to my board. I then attached a long piece of the shoelace to the top of the shoelace so it can be put through the holes.