Unique Picture/Jellybean Wedding Name Cards

Introduction: Unique Picture/Jellybean Wedding Name Cards

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Hi There!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my first instructable. I wanted something original for my wedding name cards, but I also had no idea what to give as a small favor so I combined the two. I created these picture boxes filled with jelly beans (the belly flop kind). I hope everyone will enjoy looking at all the pictures to find their table.

Step 1: First White Boxes Then Pictures!

1.) First you will need to order white boxes, I got mine from www.Papermart.com I chose the 3-1/8 X 2-1/16 X 1-1/4 WHITE 2 PIECE SLIDE BOX. The item number is 8227492.

2.) Next, order the Avery 22822 Rectangular Labels Glossy Clear (Note: these are for both laser and inkjet printers).

3.) Download the template for pictures: http://www.avery.com/avery/en_us/Templates-%26-Sof...

4.) I then searched for pictures via facebook, my computer, scanned family photos, etc. Paste them into the template and adjust the size to fit in the labels.

5.) Print (Note: once they print give the pictures a few minutes to dry because the ink may be wet).

Step 2: Labels for the Table Number

1.) Get the Avery 18660 Easy Peel Address Labels (these are for inkjet only)

2.) Download template http://www.avery.com/avery/en_us/Templates-%26-Sof...

3.) Type in information, print, and put on box. I chose to write in my table numbers with a Sharpie later on.

Step 3: Jelly Beans

I had my sister mail me the irregular jelly beans from San Francisco because they were much cheaper! Plus it gives the guests something to talk about, funny shapes and all :-) but of course you can use any candy.

Step 4: Seal Box With a Sticker on Each Side

This step is pretty self explanatory, I used Recollections "I Do" stickers from Michael's Craft Store.

Step 5: Place Boxes in Zip Lock Bags and Off They Go to Reception Hall

Throughout the process I kept the boxes in gallon zip lock bags so they would not have anything spill on them. Once the candy was added it is a good idea to keep them in the bags until the big day because it is more sanitary.

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