Introduction: Unique Picture/Jellybean Wedding Name Cards

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Hi There!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my first instructable. I wanted something original for my wedding name cards, but I also had no idea what to give as a small favor so I combined the two. I created these picture boxes filled with jelly beans (the belly flop kind). I hope everyone will enjoy looking at all the pictures to find their table.

Step 1: First White Boxes Then Pictures!

1.) First you will need to order white boxes, I got mine from I chose the 3-1/8 X 2-1/16 X 1-1/4 WHITE 2 PIECE SLIDE BOX. The item number is 8227492.

2.) Next, order the Avery 22822 Rectangular Labels Glossy Clear (Note: these are for both laser and inkjet printers).

3.) Download the template for pictures:

4.) I then searched for pictures via facebook, my computer, scanned family photos, etc. Paste them into the template and adjust the size to fit in the labels.

5.) Print (Note: once they print give the pictures a few minutes to dry because the ink may be wet).

Step 2: Labels for the Table Number

1.) Get the Avery 18660 Easy Peel Address Labels (these are for inkjet only)

2.) Download template

3.) Type in information, print, and put on box. I chose to write in my table numbers with a Sharpie later on.

Step 3: Jelly Beans

I had my sister mail me the irregular jelly beans from San Francisco because they were much cheaper! Plus it gives the guests something to talk about, funny shapes and all :-) but of course you can use any candy.

Step 4: Seal Box With a Sticker on Each Side

This step is pretty self explanatory, I used Recollections "I Do" stickers from Michael's Craft Store.

Step 5: Place Boxes in Zip Lock Bags and Off They Go to Reception Hall

Throughout the process I kept the boxes in gallon zip lock bags so they would not have anything spill on them. Once the candy was added it is a good idea to keep them in the bags until the big day because it is more sanitary.