Introduction: Universal Cuff

I originaly designed this cuff for a 9 year old girl, with redused mobility in her hands. Holding her fork while eating was very difficult and exhausting. She doesn't like assistive devices, because she doesn't want to be different than other kids, and most of the time assistive devices look 'clinical'.

Thogether we designed a more good looking cuff, that she can wear without fear. She helped me to improve my prototypes and choose different fabrics and buttons.

However this cuff was originally designed to hold a fork, it can also be used for many other things (spoon, toothbrush, ...)

Step 1: What Do You Need?

*Cotton fabric:
one piece: 5cm x 16cm
Two pieces: 5cm x 10cm

*Buttonhole elastic:
one piece: 10 cm
one piece: 8 cm
(Optional: If you don't need the cuff to open you can use regular elastic. You'll have to messure the width of the hand - 6.5cm)

*1 button of 1cm

*Matching sewing thread

You can use velcro if your fork, toothbrush, ... is smaller than the cuff en needs more stability.
two pieces: 6 cm

Step 2: Sewing the Velcro (Optional)

Sew one piece of velcro on the fabric of 5cm x 16cm, the other piece of velcro on one piece of fabric of 5cm x 10cm.
Make sure to place the velcro 2cm of the bottom edge.

Step 3: Fold the Piece of Fabric of 5cm X 16cm

Fold the piece of fabric of 5cm x 16cm in the middle. If the velcro is placed right, the folding line wil be just above the velcro.

Step 4: Put the Fabrics in the Right Order.

Place the '5cm x 10 cm with velcro' face up.

Then you put de 'folded 5cm x 16xcm', with the velcro towards the velcro of the first piece. (picture 2)

Put the 8cm buttonhole elastic. (picture 3)

Put the second piece of 5cm x 10cm on top of it, face down. (picture 4)

Pin everything together. (picture 5)

Step 5: Sewing

Sew the two long sides and the bottom of the cuff.
(Seam allowance = 0.7cm)

Trim the seam allowance in the corners.

Step 6: Turn the Cuff

Turn the cuff right side out.

Step 7: Place the Other Piece of Elastic.

Turn the fabric 0.5cm into the hole.
Place the last piece of buttonhole elastic 1cm into the hole and pin it together.
Sew everything together on 0.2cm of the edge.

Step 8: Sew the Button

Sew the button on the end of the elastic.

Step 9: Your Cuff Is Finished!

Your cuff is finished and ready to use.