Introduction: Untangle and De-frizz a Long Wig

About: Irl satan
I'm going to show you how to detangle and de frizz a long wig. *WARNING: ONLY DO THIS IF YOU KNOW YOUR WIG IS HEAT RESISTANT, OR ELSE IT WILL MELT! this also might damage your wig a little bit, but if you are reading this tutorial, your wig is probably already damaged lmao.

Step 1: Materials

-flat iron
-spray bottle
-wig conditioner (can usually get this at beauty stores)
-wig brush

Step 2: Make the Spray

Mix a little bit of the conditioner and water into the spray bottle. I'd say about a quarter sized amount of conditioner and the rest water.

Step 3: Other Steps .3.

First spray the bottom of the wig and brush it with the wig brush. Then spray the bottom again and flat iron it. It should make a sizzling noise. If your wig is really messy, seperate into different sections. Then move up the wig and repeat. My wig is really messy at the top so I won't even try and brush it out.

Step 4: Braid It! (optional)

You don't have to braid it, I just did because it does help it not get thangled. But it does get wavy when u take it out so you'd have to flat iron it again. If u don't braid it, i'd recommend that you keep it in the wig net and bag it came in. ** make sure that the wig is completely dry before you store it in a bag kr else it might get moldy or smell bad.