Introduction: Unusual Uses for Pacifiers

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Many parents anxiously wait for the day their toddler gives up the pacifier. And when that day arrives they throw away all the pacifiers.

There's lots of things to do with them, so let me tell you why you should keep at least few.

Step 1: Diy Marquee Letter for 20 Cents.

I love these letters. I wish I h tavehe whole alphabet, that's why I came up with this idea. Using only cardstock (poster board) and hot glue you can make these marquee letters. I made 10 with a piece of cardstock and a pack of hot glue sticks, both from the dollar store. So you can make each letter for 20 cents. Not bad right?

I think the above pictures are very descriptive but basically you have to use the pacifier as a mold to make the fake bulbs.

Cut the letter an pierce holes inside.

They should be the same diameter of the fake bulbs.

Cut some strips of paper.

Make some cuts at one side of the strips to use as tabs, fold them and glue to the letter.

Finally insert the fake bulbs, if you cut the holes the perfect size they will hold by themselves. If they don't hold just glue them from the back.

And you can make them as big as you like, with colors, and even in different shapes (arrows, hearts)

Step 2: Baby's Pacifier to Dolls Pacifier.

I love to turn my daughter's baby items into doll's items. That way something that brings many memories doesn't stay hidden in an attic's box.

I've done it mostly with baby's clothes, but her favourite are the dolls' pacifiers.

Just cut the soft part as shown in the picture. And using that part as a mold, put hot glue inside. When it is cold take it out and glue it to the pacifier. With scissors trim until you have the perfect size for the doll to hold it.

Step 3: Silicone Pinch Grip Mitten.

Most pacifiers are made from high quality silicone, with two of them you can make a finger guard that is just big enough to easily handle hot dishes or cups. For this you can also use a baby bottle nipple as shown in the picture.

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