Introduction: Up-Cycled Badge Holder

I had a request to make a badge holder and had in my material stash a pillow bag (zippered bag with one side clear vinyl)


Any material + clear vinyl

Instructions via Bev {Flamingo Toes} for her Business Card Holder/Luggage Tags

Step 1: Inspecting, Measuring and Planning Commenced

The first thing I did was cut off the zipper so I could up-cycle it in a future project…

Step 2: Create Carrying Strap

Then, I snipped of just what was needed from the binding towards the carrying strap (lucky me! I did not have to make bias tape!!)

Cut your pieces out (depending on how large you want this wallet, all are the same width (this one is 5") with 2 fabric pieces and the vinyl 1/2 inch longer and one fabric piece 2" longer. Scale up or down as needed.

Stack your material and square them up prior to sewing:

  1. piece 1, face up;
  2. 2nd piece, folded with fold at the top;
  3. 3rd piece is the vinyl with bias tape at the top*;
  4. last piece, face down.

Step 3: Squidging, This Is…

Sew around the piece with 1/2" allowance leaving a large gap at the top for turning, trim corners, trim sides to 1/4".

Turn your product inside out. (the thicker the material and the smaller the piece sometimes takes effort.

Step 4: Topstitch and Add Handle

Iron the piece prior to this step to make it look neater.

Pin or clamp the edges adding either tissue or plastic bag or tape on the bottom of the presser foot to assure smooth sewing.

Step 5: Brand It!

If you are a professional sewist - don't forget to add a logo stamp or label!

Step 6: Show It Off!

I had one bit of forehead slapping with this project... as happy I was to not make bias tape for the top of the clear vinyl, i should have removed the material layer from the binding and vinyl... at once, I realized i left no access for the card! I since slit the vinyl just at the edge to make it work.