Introduction: Up-cycled Plastic Plant Hanger

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A simple project that turns your trash into a unique, stylish hanger for your plant pots.


  1. Collect plastic
  2. Cut plastic
  3. Colour plastic
  4. Form beads
  5. Create curly pieces
  6. String together hanger
  7. Insert plant pot & hang up


  • String (I will be using invisible thread in this example)
  • Scissors
  • Plastic waste (I used thin plastic products like berry packaging and yogurt pots)
  • Permanent markers
  • Wire (to keep a hole in the bead when melting the plastic)
  • Pliers
  • Matches
  • Candle

Step 1: Collect Plastic

  • Collect used plastic
  • I specifically used:
    - Translucent berry (strawberries, raspberries, etc.) packaging - which I coloured
    - White yogurt pots

Step 2: Cut Plastic

  • Cut the plastic into short, narrow strips
  • Remove and discard very hard/strong pieces of the plastic (e.g. the rim)
  • Roughly 2cm x 5cm
  • Try to avoid areas of the plastic packaging that contain holes

Step 3: Colour Plastic

Use permanent markers to add colour to the plastic pieces.

Step 4: Form Beads

  • Roll a plastic strip around a piece of strong wire (this ensures that there will be a hole in the bead while melting it)
  • Using pliers, hold the rolled plastic piece over the candle
  • Melt until the plastic bead holds it shape and doesn't unravel
  • The amount of beads you make depends on how long or complex you want your hanger design

Step 5: Create Curly Pieces

  • These curly pieces were added to the bottom pieces of the plant hanger for decorative purposes
  • Pierce a hole at the end of a coloured plastic piece
  • Neaten up the edges of the piece (I cut around the corners to round off the edges)
  • With wire in the pierced hole (to ensure the hole is kept when melted), hold the piece over the candle until the piece begins to curl up
  • Repeat, depending on how many curly pieces you want to include in your plant hanger

Step 6: String Together Hanger

  • A diagram is located on the photo for reference
  • My hanger structure includes:
    - 3 circular pieces (labelled dark blue on the diagram)
    - 2 long pieces that attach to the circular pieces (labelled light blue and green on the diagram)
  • First make the 3 circular pieces by adding the beads onto the string and tying a knot to close and create a circular shape (like a necklace)
  • The 3 circular pieces should be in ascending size
  • Work your way down the hanger (section 1 to section 6 on the diagram) by stringing on the beads then tying a knot at each yellow dot on the diagram and tying to the circular pieces where shown

Step 7: Insert Plant Pot & Hang Up

Insert the pot into the hanger and hang up.

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