Introduction: UpCycledDrawer

Super cute idea for organizing jewelry, scarves etc..

Step 1: Begin

Start by finding an old drawer. Thrift stores, side of the road, a kitchen remodel or an old dresser or desk.

Step 2: Color and Hardware

Decide what color scheme you want and look for hardware.

Hardware is not hard to find…check in your junk drawer local thrift store or hardware store. (I even used a Cork for mine)

Mix it up. Its more fun to make things NOT match and add character.

First clean you drawer thoroughly. Sand if needed but really imperfections are cool.

Now paint your drawer the color of choice. I decided to leave the inside of my drawer plain wood. I stained it natural is all.

Once you find your hardware, lay out where you want to place them depending on your particular collection of jewelry..IE; long necklaces, short, bracelets, earrings and rings.

Mark the spots you want them for drilling. Now, check to see the depth of the back of your drawer. You may need shorter screws to attach your hardware since most come with longer screws.

Drill your hole according the size of your screws. Screw the screws part way in and on the front side, put the hardware on the "tip" end of the screw so when you drill from the back it goes right in.


Step 3: Hang Your Jewels!

Now, after you have your hardware on comes the fun part.

Hang your jewelry from the hardware and place your MOST AWESOME handmade up cycled jewelry display where everyone can OOOHHH and AHHHH over it:))

Be prepared for them to all ask you to make one for them!

Step 4:

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