Introduction: Upclycled Diya Planter

Diwali , the festival of lndia is over. Its the festival of light almost all Indians in India and abroad celebrate. It has tradition to buy new diyas ( little clay oil lamps ) every year and light on the no moon day and bring light and prosperity in homes. Needless to say, I have gathered lot of used diyas over the years.

This year, my Parents in Law have joined us in California for Diwali. They brought b'ful diyas made of Plaster of Paris.

Diyas were very nice to be thrown after one use. So I decided to make a succulent Planter out of it.

Reuse ! Recycle ! Upcycle ! Home Decor ! Patio Decor ! Succulent Planter !


3 small sized diyas

3 medium sized diyas

2 Glue Stick

1 Hot Glue Gun - Really love this one

Succulent soil


Drill and drill bit

Scotch Brite or Mesh

Step 1: Design Your Arrangement

Gather your supplies and Design the arrangement with medium sized diyas. I originally planned on using 4 medium sized diyas and support it wit a clay diya. Then while glueing found that all POP diyas glued great.

You can find which diya is made of clay vs POP is that you look out for more industrial looking , consistent shapes and ones which might been molded by the makers. Its clear from pics that my leaf looking diyas is made out of POP vs big one is made of clay.

So I decided on 3 medium sized diyas and 3 small diyas to act as base.

Once you have decided on arrangement, u can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Drill Holes

Drill holes in diyas which will be holding soil. It was very easy to drill holes in POP diyas. I drilled hole in 3 medium sized diyas. It took me 10 min to do this.

Since I am planting succulents here, I want a good drainage for excess water. Succulents roots dont like to be in flooded water.

Step 3: Hot Glue Your Design

I have 3 identical small POP diyas. I hot glued them with their tops together ; one facing up and other facing down.

Then I hot glued the 3 medium sized diyas on the inverted small diya. Before hot glueing, I sanded the surfaces to be glued with Scotch Bright. You can also use Wire scrubber used for cleaning dishes.

Lastly, I glued an small inverted diya to the whole design at the bottom so as to give my design a little more height and stability.

This took me around 15 - 20 minutes.

Step 4: Plant Your Succulents

Now since its hot glue, its ready to be used as planter. Put some soil and plant your cute little succulents there.

Step 5: Enjoi Your Creation

Lastly, enjoy your creation and share with me a pic .

Let me know how it turned out.

Did you like this upclycled little planter ?

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