Introduction: Upcycle Any Pajama Pants Into Footie Pajama Pants

What's warmer and comfier than footie pajamas on a cold winter night?! This instructable will help you upcycle your ordinary pajama pants into footie pajama pants. The instructable includes drafting your custom "footie" pattern, sewing the pieces together, and attaching the footies to any pants. This instructable will help you make your least favorite pajama pants into your most favorite pajama pants.


1/2 yard of polar fleece (or 1/4 yard for footie lining and 1/4 yard for footie outer fabric)

1/4 yard of grippy (sole) fabric

1/2" elastic (about 18", depending on ankle measurement)



Sewing Machine and/or serger

Step 1: Make Sole Pattern Piece

1. Trace one of your feet (remember which one)

2. Draw marks 1" around your traced foot

3. Connect the marks

4. Cut this out from the outer line

5. Trace this onto another piece of paper and cut.

6. This is your sole pattern piece, and the original will be used to make the upper footie pattern piece next

Step 2: Make Footie Upper Pattern Piece

1. Using the piece that you traced your foot originally one, draw a horizontal line a little over halfway down your foot pattern piece. (you can also check where your ankle starts by putting your foot back on the pattern piece and use this as a guide.)

3. Draw a diagonal line as shown from the original foot trace to the outer of the cut piece

4. Cut this out, discarding the bottom

5. Lay this onto another piece of paper and draw a 1" offset lien all the way around.

6. Cut out on offset line

Step 3: Make Ankle Pattern Piece

1. The ankle pattern piece is a rectangle, with the length going aorund your ankle

2.Put the upper pattern piece on top of the sole pattern piece

3. Measure a circle from the bottom of the sole to where the upper lies.

4.The circumference of this circle is how long you need to cut the ankle pattern pieces

5. The width should be 4-5", but you will want to increase the width if your pants are shorter

6. You should now have all your complete pattern pieces

Step 4: Cut Fabric

Trace and cut your pattern pieces onto your fabric as follows:

1. Sole

  • 2 mirror image pieces in grippy fabric
  • 2 mirror image pieces in lining

2. Footie Upper

  • 2 mirror image pieces in outer fabric
  • 2 mirror image pieces in lining fabric

3. Ankle

  • 2 in outer fabric (length going with stretch of fabric)
  • 2 in lining fabric (length going with stretch of fabric)

Step 5: Sew Upper Fabric to Sole

1. With right sides together pin the footie upper pieces to the sole pieces, making sure to keep rights and lefts together. There should be extra upper fabric in the middle

2. Sew or serge around edge

Step 6: Sew Elastic Onto Ankle Lining

1. Cut elastic to be a little shorter than your ankle measurement (mine was 9")

2. Draw a line down the middle of the wrong side of the fabric on ankle piece

3. Use a zig-zag stitch to sew the elastic to the fabric, stretching the elastic the length of the fabric while you sew

Step 7: Sew the Ankle Pieces Closed

1. Fold the ankle pieces in half with right sides together (note that the elastic should have been sewn on the wrong side of the lining fabric)

2. Sew along the short edge

Step 8: Sew Ankle Pieces to Foot Pieces

1. With the foot piece wrong side out, pin or clip the ankle piece to the foot piece with right side together

2. The seam of the ankle piece should be lined up with the back of the foot

3. Serge or sew with a stretch stitch the ankle to the foot

4. Do this with both outer and lining feet

Step 9: Complete the Footie

You should now have 4 footie pieces

  • 1 right and 1 left of the lining
  • 1 right and 1 left of the outer

1. Insert the lining into the outer, with wrong sides together

2. Baste or loosely sew the top edge of the footie ankle pieces together (this will make attaching them to the pants easier)

Step 10: Attach Footie to Pants

The most important part here is to make sure you are attaching the correct side footie to the correct side of the pants, and the foot is facing forward.

My pants had a seam in the middle that I lined up with the inner side of the footie. I also decided to cut off the stretchy cuff that these pants had.

There are 2 ways you can attach the footie to the pants, but both you need right sides together

  • Method 1: (shoving into footie method): With lining side out on the footie and pants right side out, put the pants inside the footie. Line up the bottom of the pants with the top of the footie and serge or stretch stitch around.
  • Method 2: With pants wrong side out and foot right side out, insert the footie into the pants leg from the ankle. Line up the bottom of the pants with the top of the ankle and stretch stitch or sew around

Repeat with 2nd foot

Turn everything right side out

Step 11: Great Job, You Did It!

Enjoy being extra comfy and warm!

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