Introduction: Upcycled Bicycle Chain Key Holder

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Very quick and easy project for left over bicycle parts. Takes under an hour and very versatile.


Bike chain
Super glue
Other bike parts or something else to form a base. I used the gear stack.
Paint (optional)
Sandpaper (optional)

Step 1: Design and Glueing

I laid my bike chain out on a plastic bag and arranged it in a few different tree shapes till I found one I liked that would give me the most hooks too.
I then was just very generous with the super glue going along the side and the edge. The advantage of super glue is it dries quickly so I could keep holding it up to see where the weak spots were and putting a bit more glue in.

Step 2: Sanding and Painting (optional)

You can just leave it at this point if you like. I had a few nubs of glue which I sanded off and the chain was a bit rusty so I decided to put a bit of paint on. I did a light coat and then sanded it off a bit for a unfinished look but you could do a thick coat of paint or just polish it up and leave it.
I found this step easier to do before mounting but could also do after.

Step 3: Mounting and Extra Bits

I made sure I had plenty of loose chain at the bottom to attach to the base. I found the easiest way of doing it was actually hanging it from something then arranging it over the gear spoke and glueing it. The main column of the 'trunk' sits within the hole all the way to the bottom so the gear stack is only supporting it from falling over not holding it up which gave me better stability.
At this point I had some left over gear bits and chain bits which I glued on as extra hanging points and so I can use it as a letter holder.
Then thars it! Let it dry for a bit and you're good to go.
Would love to see if you guys have made similar!