Introduction: Easyclean Rabbit Feed/litter Station

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Indoor rabbits are great fun but they can make a mess. I designed a easy sweep feeding and litter station to keep your furring friends and you happy.


1. Wood (I used a 1220/610/18mm MDF sheet from BNQ but can use anything that's wood stain/paint free and reasonably sturdy)
2. Wood glue
3. Wire
4. Saw (would recommend power tool but not essential)
5. Clamps
6. Safety gear: gloves and goggles.

Step 1: Cut Your Wood Peices

So depends on your rabbit size, equipment and room available.
I've provided my measurements but I am notoriously bad at measuring so I would recommend designing your own or at least checking my maths! It takes a little bit of time butnits nice to personalise it.
The measure, mark out, measure again and cut!

Step 2: Glue

Then simply assemble.
I put one side, then the back, then the other side on to check all the sides came together nicely. All the glue is inside the joins so don't have to worry about the rabbits chewing it. I used Araldite and it worked great meaning no nails involved.
For the hay dispenser I marked where I wanted the wood to rest and then glued dowels along the line. This means the shelves can be taken on and off again. Equally though if your bunnies keep dismantling this you can glue them down onto the dowels. This saved me having to cut angled edges which is a bit too technical for me.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Finally I made a water bottle stand which works for small or large bottles. Simply 3 peices of wood at the bottom and then some wire drilled through and twisted at the back. (See pics)

Then I couldn't resist a bit of decoration. Be a bit careful about decorating on chewable surfaces but flat surfaces are ok. There are pet safe paints out there as well if you want a bit of colour!

And that's it! Would love to see if other people make their own versions!

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