Introduction: Small Pet Cheap Air Conditioning Unit

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With the heat wave setting in I'm constantly worried about my rabbit overheating in his hutch. Previously I have been putting baking trays of ice in with him with works but he likes to tip them over and I wondered if there was a better way of doing it at minimal cost. So I came up with the tin aircon unit.


1 tin (deep to fit the ice but make sure it will fit in your freezer draw!) Can be square or round.
1 hand fan
Bottle/can/wire for holding your fan
Super glue
+/- masking tape

Step 1: Drill Holes

You can be as neat or as messy as you want here. I marked mine out on masking tape. Make sure you drill outside in so the spikes are on the inside. (Be careful, wear gloves, I cut myself!)
I found the drilling bent the tin a bit but it was easy to bend back. The lid i put on a piece of wood so i had something to drill down onto. You want decent sized holes to get air flow through.

Step 2: Attach Fan Holder.

You want to attach something to hold the fan to the lid. If your tin is deep enough you could always put something into the tin to stand the fan bit mine wasnt tall enough. You could attach it with a strip of metal, plastic, some wire, a jar, really any way that works for you just check it works with your tin and fan. I found the bottom of a bottle of fanta worked great. I just super glued it on.

Step 3: Finished

And then that's it. On cooked days I just freeze it and then it's a cold ice box with a bit of ventilation for him to cuddle up against. If it's really hot I can switch on the fan and get a gentle airflow through the hutch for as long as the battery lasts.
Let me know if anyone has done similar!
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