Introduction: Upcycled Book Desktop Organizer

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Got some glue, tape and an old book lying around in your shelf collecting dust, then it's time to dust it off and give it a new life as a cool upcycled desktop organizer.


- Old unwanted book

- 1'' paper tape

- glue

- thick paper (20cm x 20cm)

- strip of colorful paper (approx 1'' wide) (I used red colored paper)

- scissors

- pencil

- brush

- cutter

- metal ruler

- cutting pad


- small piece of sponge (5cm x 5cm x 1cm)

- plastic gems (for decoration)

Step 1: Taking the Book Apart and Cutting It Into Pieces

Using a cutter and ruler cut off the front and back covers of the book by making cuts along the binding. Next, rip off the binding. The pages should all come loose now. Collect around 40 pages and cut them into half width-wise using a cutter and metal ruler. Repeat this until you have 6 bunches of half pages. Take one bunch and draw a diagonal line passing from one corner of the page (as shown above in figure 1). You need to do this only on the topmost page of the bunch, not on all 40 pages. Make a clean cut on the line using a cutter and ruler and make sure to cut through all the 40 pages. Repeat this process with a second bunch of papers only this time draw the line 1cm lower than where you drew the line on the first bunch (as shown above in figure 2). Repeat this process with the line getting progressively lower by one 1cm with each bunch. You should end up with 6 bunches similar to those you see in the image above.

Step 2: Making the Petal Shaped Compartments

Bend each stack of papers such that seen from top-view they look like petals or drops of water. Secure the shape by putting tape at the edge of each of the petals.

Step 3: Sticking the Petal Shaped Compartments to a Base

Place all the petals on a piece of thick paper in such a way that it looks like a flower from top-view, and since each petal-compartment is of a different height place them in the right order to form a spiral. Draw the outline of the base on the paper and cut out the flower-shaped base. Then stick the petals to the base in their appropriate position with glue. Also stick each petal to its neighbors at the center where they meet to make the desktop-organizer more solid. Apply glue to the rim of each compartment as well to fill up gaps between the pages and to make the compartment more rigid.

Step 4: Making and Fixing a Paper Pipe at the Center

Take a single page of the book and make a width-wise cut at quarter of the length. Stick a strip of colorful paper to one side of the book-strip (as shown in the image above) and roll the composite strip into a paper tube such that the red paper makes a spiral design. Put a little glue at the end so that it doesn't open up. It should look like a Christmas candy.

Apply glue to the paper pipe and shove it into the center of the flower pen-stand.

Step 5: Making the Pin-holder Compartment

You could turn the smallest compartment of the desktop-organizer into a pin-holder by simply cutting a small piece of sponge into shape and sticking it into the compartment.

Step 6: Adding Some Decoration

Feel free to add decoration to your desktop organizer. But preferably not too much since we want to maintain the recycled look. I made a simple design by sticking red plastic gems all around the bottom of the desktop-organizer. And voila your simple yet cool and unique desktop-organizer is ready!

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