Upcycled Cardboard Christmas Tree

Introduction: Upcycled Cardboard Christmas Tree

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Gather your supplies.


Three identical cardboard triangle cutouts. Any height and width will work, as long as all three prices are identical in size.
Hot glue
Hot glue gun
One hole paper punch
Three sets of battery operated Christmas lights.
Any type of garland you like.

Step 1:

Use the hole punch to place starter holes for the lights.
Push lights through the holes.
Secure lights with hot glue.
Secure the battery pack with hot glue.
Place the battery pack near the bottom of the tree so that batteries can be easily accessible.

Step 2:

Form tree shape by holding the sides together with tape.
Secure sides with hot glue along seems.
Let cool for ten minutes.

Step 3:

Begin wrapping garland from the top of the tree working to the bottom.
Secure garland with hot glue along seams.

Step 4:

Insert batteries and enjoy.
Styles and decoration are only limited by your imagination!

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    3 years ago

    This is a good and simple idea. Nice work!