Introduction: Upcycled Denim Earrings DIY Jewelry Tutorial by Upmade

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What happens when your favorite jeans rip where the sun doesn't shine? You make some accessories out of them to wear with your next pair, right? Denim pants are such a wardrobe staple that it's hard to go wrong with a denim accessory to match.

I make different types of denim earrings but I find that people seem to be more drawn to this design, so I thought it would be the perfect one to introduce here as I also find it to be quite simple to make.

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Step 1: Materials

No fancy tools or materials needed here:

-piece of denim (will need to cut 2 pieces roughly 6"x2" each)


-pliers (or other appropriate tool for working with jewelry findings)

-needle and thread of preferred color

-watered down white glue + brush

-jump rings (4)

-fish hook earring findings (2)

-pencil crayon or something else for marking the fabric (optional)

Step 2: Cut Denim

Cut two strips of the same size, roughly 6"x2"

Step 3: Fold Strips

+Take the first strip and decide which side will be showing

+Turn the strip with the side you DO NOT want to show UPwards

+Mix some white glue (which dies transparent) with a little water just to make it more liquid

+Lightly apply the watered down white glue with a brush to the denim, just enough to dampen the fabric but not so much as to have it soak through to the other side. It's a little trick that will make the finished product more durable and feel more solid

+Fold edges to the middle as shown, and then fold in half to finish the strip

+Apply weight for a couple of minutes

+Do the same to the 2nd strip

Step 4: Shape First Earrings

+Fold the strip in half to find the center and then fold as shown in the photos

+Clip the ends together and play with the shape until you are satisfied with it

+Apply weight (books are usually the most accessible)

Step 5: Second Earring

Follow the last step to make the second earring, also making sure to check in with the first earring you made to get the shapes matching

Step 6: Cut Ends

Step 7: Stitch Ends Together

+Choose your preferred thread color to combine with the denim you have selected

+Thread your needle and start sewing from the inside (as shown) to hide the knot

+Stitch to the top, and go over the last stitch 2 or 3 times to give it more strength

+Make knot in the back where you think it will be less visible, and cut

Step 8: Attaching Findings

You can take apart some old unwanted jewelry to get these last but essential bits. I used 2 jump rings and a fish hook finding for each earring, but one can get creative with the combination depending on what they have at hand.

I scouted around for whatever pliers I could find at the time of making this ible, so the specific pliers I used here might not be the optimal choice for jewelry making but they'll work for our purpose.

Here we want to hook the jump ring under the last stitch from the back and the front. I used a book binding tool to make the way first, but a heavy needle should also do the trick.

Add your findings and try it on.

Now you have a pair of lovely, up-cycled denim earrings...and can probably make 100 more with the leftover material from a pair of jeans for example. Check out my Etsy shop for more of my denim earring designs @

Please leave a comment to let me know what you think, and if you have any questions and/or suggestions.

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