Introduction: Upcycled Laundry Bottle to Hanging African Face Planter

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Hi friends, I love to have greenery around my home; it adds a wee bit of oxygen to the surroundings and also reminds me of mother nature.
Recycling is also a hobby of mine, I try to reuse and recycle items around my house, be it plastic items, or clothes or even kitchen waste( I turn it into organic fertilizer).
Today I would like to share a recent project of mine. I just converted an EZEE laundry soap bottle to an African Face, hanging planter, with the help of a few odds and ends lying about at home.


1. Empty plastic laundry bottle- 1 litre
2. Small empty plastic bottle- for nose , I used a Yakult bottle, you can use anything similar
3.Gluegun or strong white glue
4.Any synthetic or acrylic waterproof paint in black or brown shade as per choice and a brush
5. Sandpaper
6. Any instrument for making a hole e.g a screwdriver, and a sharp knife
7. Discarded colourful flexipacks for lips and face markings/ or red, yellow and green paint, scissors
8.Optional decorations - Red scrap cloth

Step 1: Preparing the Base

Peel off the outer plastic covering, remove the lid and also the inner pouring mechanism if any. A sharp knife, heated if necessary, is useful in this regard. A clear opening on top will help us to put in the soil and plants.Also make 2/3 drainage holes at the bottom with a heated screwdriver.

Step 2: Adding the Nose

Take a small plastic bottle and use a heated knife to cut it lengthwise. I used a Yakult bottle but you can use any similar bottle, it will just add some more character to your face planter. Stick this half piece of bottle to the front part of the laundry bottle, so that is approximately in the position of the nose. Use your glue gun or a strong white synthetic adhesive.Once it dries thoroughly you are ready to paint.

Step 3: Painting Your Planter

Lightly sand the plastic surface along with the handle, for better adhesion of the paint. Using any shade of black or brown shade, apply a minimum of 2 coats, including the nose, handle and neck. Allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying next coat.( Overnight if required) I applied 3 coats to get a good coverage and smooth finish.

Step 4: Lips and Face Markings

Take a discarded flexipack, eg a red Lays chips packet and cut out a pair of lip shapes. Stick in place below the nose. Alternatively, paint in a pair of lips, below the nose with red paint.
Cut out multicolored strips from flexipacks and stick with glue to make face markings. Or, use paint and your imagination.

Step 5: Optional Decorations and Adding Your Plant

Tie a piece of colourful cloth around the head for some extra effect. Your planter is ready. Add a few pebbles, top it up with some soil and/manure and add a plant of your choice. Your trendy planter is ready to add some stylish greenery to your home. Plus, you recycled some trash and helped to keep the environment cleaner and greener. Remember you can use your imagination to make this face planter in any way you want. Please do try it out and vote for me if you like this project.

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