Introduction: Upcycled Magazine Wall Art | Tree Silhouette Art

Don’t toss that outdated magazine yet! Turn it into a beautiful, abstract wall art piece!

Using little more than an old magazine and a few basic supplies, anyone can create this colorful wall art. Even children could do it, providing that an adult cuts the paper strips first.

You don’t have to use rectangles to create the background; rather, you could use triangles, abstract shapes, or torn pieces. The silhouette can also be anything. A bird or a cityscape, for example, would look stunning.

Step 1: Gather and Rip Up Some Magazines

The first thing you need to do to create some wall art is find a few magazines. I know the picture shows a lot of magazines, but that is my entire magazine collection. You won’t need that much for this project; several colorful pages will create a few small wall arts.

Then, flip through a few magazines and tear out pages with bright, large graphics. The more color your pages have, the more visually appealing your wall art will be.

Step 2: Cut Up the Pages

Using a paper cutter or scissors, cut a bunch of 1/2 inch strips from the magazine pages. Cut from long edge to long edge, so your strips are fairly short.

Step 3: Start Gluing the Background

Coat the top of a piece of card stock with a thin layer of glue. Start attaching magazine strips, laying them out like bricks on a building.

Step 4: Add the Silhouette

Cut a frame and silhouette out of paper. I chose a tree for this piece. The last image shows another wall art made with black and red strips, and a city skyline background.

Step 5: Done!

Enjoy your beautiful upcycled wall art! The design can be adjusted to fit any room or theme.

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