Introduction: Paper Bead Galaxy Fan Necklace

This galaxy-themed necklace is made from paper. That’s right, paper! It is comprised of 31 rolled paper beads of varying lengths, as well as iridescent purple seed beads.

The necklace, while it may seem complicated, can be made by anyone with the time and materials. Most of the supplies, you likely have on hand. This necklace took me two afternoons to create, but the time may vary.

Not a huge galaxy fan? Looking for something more stylish? You don’t have to make this necklace exactly as I did. You can use patterned paper instead of plain paper, or decorate it yourself. In this case, skip the painting, but coat it with Mod Podge or clear nail polish. You could also paint the beads differently. This project can be customized in any way, limited only by your imagination!

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Step 1: Prepare the Beads

You will need about 2 1/2 sheets of normal printer paper for the beads. You can replace this with patterned or colored paper for a different effect.

Other supplies: Ruler, paper cutter (or scissors)

1. Place your first paper landscape-style in front of you. Measure 2 1/2 inches from the bottom left, and mark the edge.

2. From that mark, measure 2 3/8 inch. (You are removing 1/8 inch each time)

3. From the previous mark, measure 2 1/4 inch.

4. Continue marking, measuring 1/8 inch less than the previous mark each time. Stop when you run out of paper. I was able to get 4 strips from the first sheet.

5. Repeat on the other sheets. Start on the second sheet marking 2 inches, then 1 7/8, and so on.

6. Repeat on the top of each page. There should now be a mark on the top right above each
bottom mark.

Step 2: Cut the Bead Strips

1. Cut from the first top mark to the first bottom mark, using your paper cutter. Then, cut from corner to corner. Discard one triangle. Label the other triangle “1”. This is the only triangle that will have no pair.

2. Cut from the next top mark to the next bottom mark. Cut from corner to corner. Label both of them “2”.

3. Repeat. Label both triangles “3”.

4. Keep cutting triangles.

Step 3: Roll the Beads

For this step, you will need toothpicks and glue, and the triangles you cut in step 2.

1. Take triangle “1”. Put a dot of glue near the base, and a dot at the tip. Place the base under a toothpick. Roll. Press down the tip at the end.

2. Repeat with all triangles. Try to keep the beads in order. Look at the picture for arrangement. Bead 1 is in the center, with bead 2s around it, and so on.

Step 4: Paint the Beads

Note: If you used colored paper, ignore this step. Just paint the beads with Mod Podge or clear nail polish.

For this step you will need your beads, toothpicks, a piece of styrofoam, and paint or nail polish.

1. Paint your beads as desired. I did a coat of indigo polish, some spots of magenta polish, and a top coat of clear with blue and purple glitter.

Step 5: Add Loops

For this step, you will need your beads, some thick wire, and some tacky glue.

1. Cut an inch or so of wire.

2.Bend it in half.

2.Put a dot of glue in the bead, and press in the loose ends of wire. Let dry.

Step 6: String the Necklace

You will need your beads, some thin wire, a clasp, and seed beads.

1. Attach the clasp to the wire

2. String several inches of seed beads.

3. String the first paper bead, then two seed beads. Add the second paper bead. Add two seed beads. Repeat.

4. When all your paper beads are added, string several more inches of seed beads. When the necklace is long to go around your neck comfortably, loop the wire and twist.

5. Clip the clasp onto the loop. Done!

Step 7: Enjoy Your Necklace!

Your new Paper Bead Galaxy Fan Necklace is perfect for a costume, cosplay, or just for fun! It would go beautifully with a black dress or top. I hope you enjoy your necklace!

Did you make it? Share in the comments, and have fun showing off your talent!

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