Introduction: Upcycled Messanger Bag

This is a messenger Bag I made from an old jacket.

Step 1: Materials

you will need:

  • pattern paper
  • main fabric (or clothing you wish to upcycle)
  • lining fabric
  • scissors
  • pins
  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • embroidery floss and needle

Step 2: Patterns

To make the pattern figure out how long you want it then 2/3s of that will be the side length and the width is a suggested amount of 2-3 inches. Add half of your width to the end of your pattern with excess coming off.

For the flap, it is the same, only without the width part and then you find one-quarter of it and cut half of it off in a way of you choosing, I did a curve for mine but you can do a straight edge if you like.

When done it should look like the picture, the flap to the left and the body is to the right.

In addition, the width part will be how long you make your sides and the length of your width above will be how wide it is. Also, the straps should be the length from one shoulder to the opposite hip multiplied by 2.3 at most.and the width will be the same as the bag's width part.

Step 3: Cut Out Pattern in Fabric

Once the pattern is cut out place it on the fabric of your choice with weights placed on the corners and cut the fabric to the shape of the pattern. After the main fabric cut the pattern out of the lining material.

Step 4: The Flap

Put the right/face sides of the fabric of the flap together and sew all the sides but the one you want to attach to the main part of the bag. If you want any pockets on the flap, do that before this step. I personally added a button hole to keep it closed. After you sew along the sides flip it inside out and with a matching thread color sew along the edges again, this will make sure it looks nice.

Step 5: Strap

For the strap sew the two right/face sides together and turn inside out and like the flap with a matching thread sew along the seams to make sure it will lap flat.

Step 6: Sides

With pins attach the bottom of the sides to the little part sticking out of the main piece of fabric. After that sew and cut off the excess. Then sew the sides to the long part of the main piece of fabric. Repeat on the other side and for the lining.

Step 7: Attaching the Flap

sew the outer layer or main fabric of the flap onto the back of the main body. Try and leave the lining out of this seam.

Step 8: Putting It All Together

Place the right sides of the main part and lining together with the newly attached flap between. Line up the strap with the sides and place the excess also between the bag parts. Sew all the way around the rim leaving a small spot in the back in the center of the flap. The spot should be the width of your hand. Once you sew the edges flip it inside out through the unsewn spot.

Step 9: The Tag

To finish the bag you should can make an optional tag for the tag just take a piece of fabric the width of the unsewn spot and fold it the long way (the long way should be longer than the width) in half this is where with embroidery floss and a needle you put your name or whatever you like. After that fold the right side (the side with embroidery) in half so the right side is on the inside of the fold and sew the two side edges. Flip the tag so the right side is now facing out (make sure the corners are as pushed out as possible). After that, this is how to finish the bag put the tag in the unsewn spot on the bag and fold in the lining edges over and sew like the picture.

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