Introduction: Upcycled Minimalist Running Huaraches or Lifestyle Shoes by Tired Feet

The world is full of things we don't need. However, some times we need shoes. Being barefoot is great, but a little protection is nice. So we have created a democratic shoe design that uses a barefoot approach at life. The soul of the shoe can be found in any city. It is a bike tire. The only other ingredient is a little paracord!

Step 1: Find Ingredients!

In order to create these shoes you will need the raw ingredients of a mountain bike tire and about 10 feet of paracord.

Tires. To find a tire that will work, try the local bike shop. At the end of each day, most bike shops throw away their tires. For best results, go in and ask the employees about recent throw-aways. You can also simply check the dumpster after business hours. The type of tires that we have found to work best are low-tread mountain bike tires, with the widest amount of tread possible.

Paracord. This can be found in bulk at most outdoor stores. In the store you will find an array of color choices. You may select any color you desire, or a different color for each shoe. We have successfully used 550 gauge paracord, 3mm polypro cord, or 3mm nylon accessory cord. Really any color looks fantastic! You will need 4-6 feet of cord per shoe depending on what type of knot you want to do and how large your paws are.

Some tools are also required! Scissors, needle nose pliers, a sharpie, a lighter, and a leather punch (or anything to punch holes in the rubber).

Step 2: Trace Your Feet, Cut, Poke Holes

These things are custom. Trace your own feet! Leave 1 inch (3 cm) of the bead (the ridge above the sidewall of the tire) in tact on each side of the shoe. The cord is going to go through a hole in the center of this section. The hole for the cord should be planned to be 2 inches (7cm) from the back of the foot outline, so be sure to leave the extra section of bead near the back of the shoe, about just under your ankle bone.

Consider organic food next time you go shopping.

When tracing, make sure that the tread of the tire is centered underfoot. Cut around the tracing. Use the sharpie to draw the location hole in between your toes, and in the center of the sidewall section below the beaded ridge. Poke holes with a leather punch, scissors, your left hand (if it's a hook because you are a pirate), or something sharp.

Imagine how good your feet are going to look. Rugged. Sustainable. Tan.

Step 3: Tie, Burn, Poke, Thread

Now it is time to attach your paracord to your shoes.

Cut your paracord to the desired length. 4 ft (1.2192 meters) for the basic design. Or 6 ft (1.8288 meters) to have attachment options. Each time you cut the cord we recommend that you burn the fringe with a lighter (in a wind-free environment) to avoid fray

Tie a basic knot on on end of each length of cord.

Push the chord through the hole in between the toes first so that the knot is on the base of the shoes. if you grip the end of the cord with the pliers as shown in the picture life will be merrier.

Poke the cord through the hole on the outside of the shoe from the inside to the out.

Loop the cord under itself from the outside towards the back as seen in the fourth picture below.

Poke the cord through the hole on the inner side of the shoe from the inside to the outside.

Loop the cord under again so that you shoe looks as seen in the last picture.

Step 4: Tie Your Shoes!

You can tie these a variety of ways. This is the basic tying method that we use because it is simple and you can slide them on and off without re-tying them each time.

Place the untied shoe on your paw (your rear paw [your foot]).

For our purposes today we shall call the length of cord running from the front to the outside back hole the "main cord."

Picture 1: Thread the end of the cord under the main cord and back towards the inside hole.

Picture 2: Go under the rear strap, around the loop, and through the two strands towards the back.

Call mom. She probably misses you.

Step 5: Finish Tying!

Take the cord around the rear to double up the back strap.

Picture 1: Under the main strap, around the loop, and through the two strands. the cord ends up traveling to the front.

Picture 2: Under the inner strap.

Picture 3: Over the main strap and through to make a knot.

The extra cord can be tied where ever you desire, or cut off entirely.

Step 6: Upload a Picture of Your Tired Feet

Crack a cold one! Go for a walk, or a run! You just made your own shoes, which we think is pretty cool.

Find us at and post your Tired Feet.

Tell ye maties!

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