Introduction: Upcycled Parsons Tables Into Lego Table

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My favorite little boy has been wanting a lego table for a while and the price of new ones has been driving me crazy. I've looked at designs online and found some interesting ones but the cost came to about the same price as buying a new one. A friend gave me two 18x18 Parsons tables. I decided to use those to build him a lego table for his birthday. 

For this project I used:

2 - 18 x 18 Parsons tables
2 - pieces left over 1/2 plywood
2 - 15 in square lego mats
1 - 14 in drywall mud tray
8 - 2 in L brackets
various wood screws
wood glue
2  left over pieces of 2 in trim 36 in long.

Cost -  most everything was leftover from other projects or given to me.  The lego mats were $12 each on sale, the mud tray was $4, the brackets were $6. So $34 

Step 1: Clean Up and Join Together

The tables were pretty dirty so I had to clean them up.  Since they were laminated all I had to do was use some 409 type cleaner to get the dirt and dust off of them. Then I tightened up the legs and discovered they were hollow and there was no way to join the table together.

I decided to cut a piece of 1/2 plywood 18 x 36 for the top and then a piece that was 14 x 36 to fit between the legs to go in under the tops. I sandwiched the top between the two pieces of 1/2 inch plywood, gluing it in place. Since I couldn't find my clamps I flipped the tables upside down and set bricks on them.  I also added some screws to make sure it was secure. 

Step 2: Adding a Shelf

Every good lego table needs a shelf to store the boxes and buckets of legos. I cut another piece of 1/2 plywood 14 x 36. I measured 4 inches up from the bottom of the legs all the way around and added the L brackets. I put them in upside down so that the plywood would rest on the brackets. This shelf also helps keep the two tables together. 

Step 3: Trim on the Top

Since the lego mats were smaller than the tables I added trim to each side.  I put the mats and the mud tray in place, then glued the trim in place. Then I glued down the mats and the tray. 

I was originally going to paint all the added wood to match the table, however, since its a gift for my 8 year old I thought I would let him decide how to decorate the added wood. I did sand it down so there are no rough edges. This way if he wants to draw on it he can, he can add stickers, paint, etc.  It's totally up to him. 

He loves it and hasn't stopped playing with it since he got it! 

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