Introduction: Upcycling Playsuit to Mouth Mask

Washable Mouth-Mask!

You will need these Materials and Tools


Playsuit (rompers)

Needle and thread

Sewing machine (optional)


Scissor, Playsuit,

Needle and thread

Step 1:

Carefully cut the hem of the Playsuit, and look if the metal snap buttons ar intact.

Step 2:

Cut out two squares of fabric from the Playsuit (for front- and backside of the mask)

Step 3:

Make to your frontside fabric three or four-folds

Step 4:

Sew at both short sides

Step 5:

Overlay the three layers: the first layer is the inside of the mask (nice side of sewing up),the second layer is the front of the mask (overlay with the patterned-side facing down), the third layer is the cutout hem (place the button snaps on both sides similar)

Step 6:

Sew at both long sides the fabric of all the three layers together (front-and backside, them > buttons should be on the right and left side > cut ties if you you need it loger) take care that the nice sewing sides are by turn out-side.

Step 7:

You can leaf the short side open and put there fleece liners or kitchen paper to absorb more

Step 8:

Or close the short sides by sewing

Step 9:

Don’t use the same fabric for front and backside, its better to recognize the inside and feel free to mix. Wash the mask after use and take care of yourself and others!

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