Introduction: Updated Hawkeye Bow and Arrows

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If you have seen the first one, you may not care. But this one is updated, and I tell how to make ten arrows. I apologize for lack of progress pics, but my phone deleted everything on this draft but the writing, and I already deleted it from my camera roll, so ill try to describe it as best as possible.

Step 1: Gather Materials

For the build, you will need 5' of 1/4" PVC pipe, a 1/2" of 1/2" PVC pipe, grey, black, and purple duct tape, a PVC cutter, an x-acto knife, 4' 8" of navy blue paracord, a drill, hot glue, and a drill bit slightly larger than the paracord's diameter. Anything I leave out I will explain later. Lets get smashing.

Step 2: Build the Bow

Take your 1/4" PVC and drill holes at the ends. Make sure that they are lined up. Next, start covering the bow in black duct tape, except for where the holes are drilled. After you are finished wrapping, find the center of your bow. Cover this area in about 5" of grey tape. Keep layering the tape until it's partially thicker than the bow itself. Then, cover the grey tape in purple. This provides a grip and helps prevent breakage. Now cover the tips in about two inches of purple tape. Cover the tips, too. Now relocate your holes, and drill the tape out. Then string the paracord through both holes ov the PVC. Tie an overhand or a figure-eight knot at the end of the cord. Now bend the bow and string the other end. If you want, you can cover up the knots with purple tape. Also, cover any white spots that may appear. It should match the photo.

Step 3: Upgrade It ( With an Arrow Rest and Knocking Point)

Take your 1/2" PVC and cut it into a 1/4" sliver. Take a lighter ant torch the sides, edges, and inside until its brown or black. Then quickly take your knife and cut it. Repeat this step a little less then halfway around the ring. You should have a piece that is a little larger than halfway around. Cover this in purple duct tape. Hot glue the rest to the bow near the top of the handle. If you shoot right handed, put it on the left. If you shoot left handed, then vise-versa. Now use something to find where the best place to knock your arrow would be. Cut a thin strip of tape and wrap it around the string just above that point. This way you know where to place your arrow. After the glue dries, reinforce the arrow rest's attachment with purple tape.

Step 4: Build the Arrow Shafts

First, we make the arrow shafts. You will need purple and blue duct tape, an x-acto knife, a ruler, and ten 5/8" dowel rods. Take your purple tape and cut off ten 5-inch strips. Wrap them around the dowels about 3/4" from the top, as in the pictures. Keep going until all ten are wrapped. Now, cut out two 4-inch pieces of purple tape, and one of blue. Fold them in half do that you have three 2" strips cut them as shown in the picture to make three fletchings(feathers) for the back. Cut a two inch strip of purple tape and cut it as in the picture. Tape all three fletchings on the arrows, about 1/3 apart. Repeat for the other nine. They should look like the picture. Next, take a drill with a 1/8 in. drill bit. Drill the holes about1/4" from the top, perpendicular to the blue fletching. Then take your knife and carve out the notch as in the picture. Repeat nine more times.

Step 5: Arrows

It's up to you how you want to make the arrows. Though I did get some good ideas from Mr.Sanches.

Step 6: Quiver

Simply find the height of your arrows and make a black sheet of duct tape that tall by however wide you need. Once you've done this, either leave it black or use other colored tape to decorate it. Then cut out a cardboard base and cover it in grey tape. Cut out a piece of styrofoam the same shape as your base. Attach the base and carefully stuff the foam in so that the edges line up. Now shove your arrows into the foam and take them out. Add a strap by cutting two strips of duct tape or long enough to overlap your chest across from top right to bottom left(or vise-versa for lefties). Put it on the quiver by taping, gluing, or stapling on.

Step 7: Be Hawkeye!

Now go out there and show the world your awesomeness!
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