Introduction: Upgrade Your Old T-Shirts!

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Want to make old, useless shirts into fun, wearable ones? That's what I decided to do and you can too!

Step 1: What You Will Need:

1. Some method of putting fabric together (hot glue, fabric glue, needles and thread)

2. Scissors

3. T-Shirt of your choice

4. (Optional) a ruler for precise cutting!

Step 2: Cut Your Shirt (Or Not)

This is also a optional step, but I decided to crop mine for the summer, and how long? It's up to you! Whatever you feel comfortable in!

Step 3: Cut Out an Open Back

After cropping your top, stretch the cut marks to flatten out edges and make it look not so rough. Turn the shirt around, and cut a rectangular shape out of the back straight down. Width is a personal preference!

Step 4: Make the Detailings!

Take the bottom of the shirt that we had originally cropped and start cutting strips from it. Stretch each strip to get that nice texture and I chose to ombre mine with food color for fun but its up to you!

Step 5:

Apply your method of gluing or sewing INSIDE THE SHIRT and you're done!

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