Introduction: Upgrading BfV Dreadnought With Spare Bits

When I finished making my first dreadnought (a DC Dread) I was surprised at how many spare bits I had, and a little saddened, because I knew that I would probably never use them since any dreadnought kit I bought would come with the necessary bits to build it and extras to add to the bits pile. Eventually, I went on ebay looking for parts to use to make another dreadnaught, and found out that you can buy an easy to build dreadnought from the Battle for Vendros game (a simpler version of 40k) for around $20. I decided to buy one, and try to convert it into a Furioso dreadnought using my spare bits. Although this indestructible is primarily geared towards that, many of the instructions could be used to turn the BfV dreadnought into anything you have the parts for.

For this project you will need:

BfV dreadnaught

Dreadnaught Bits (I am using a Furioso Fist, Frag Cannon, and Furioso dreadnaught Front)

Green Stuff and Superglue

Hobby Tools

Step 1: Fitting the New Front

Start off by cutting away the BfV front to make room for the Furioso front. This step may be a little different if you plan on making a non Furioso dreadnought since I am fairly certain the customization bits are not built onto one large plate like the Furioso is, but I'm sure this will give you an idea of what you might need to do.

Begin by rough cutting away the top bit that will cover between the shoulders. I followed along the white line shown in picture 1, and picture 2 shows the removed part.

Then trim the part to fit into the Furioso front, as shown in pictures 3 and 4 (picture 4 is half cut and half uncut.)

Step 2: Adding Heavy Flamer and Furioso Fist

Heavy Flamer (or any other weapons):

Begin by removing the storm bolter (pictures 2 and 3) by cutting its ammunition belt at the join to the shoulder, and where the storm bolter connects to the arm; it is easiest to do this while the hand of the arm is unassembled, so leave it in parts for now. I found it easiest to cut the storm bolter in half while removing it so I could get me razor into the area between. After the storm bolter is removed, cut off the top of the heavy flamer that usually connects into the shoulder, and trim the hose to fit where the bolter ammunition belt connected before.

Furioso Fist (or any other hands):

While the hand of the BfV is still unassembled, cut off the dreadnought's hand and where it meets the wrist area inbetween while being sure to leave the wrist as intact as possible.


After completing any hand/weapon swaps, glue the BfV forearm together, and add on the new hand and/or weapon.

Step 3: Fitting the Frag Cannon Arm (or Any Other Arm Swaps)

You will notice that the arm peg on the BfV is slightly smaller than that of other dreadnoughts, subsequently making any other arms not stick on. To fix this issue, add a glob of Green Stuff to the inside of the new arm, and press it over the BfV peg. Be sure to wet down the peg with some water so it doesnt stick to the Green Stuff, and be careful when taking the arm off so as to not defore the socket. Alternatively you could use the Green Stuff to permanently attach the arm if you don't mind being unable to move or swap the arm.

Step 4: Torso Assembly

Begin by assembling the front and back halves of the BfV, and attach the feet (be careful to put the feet on correctly since one of them can be attached in such a way that its peg will not align with the hole in the base).

Then attach the top cover (the first piece cut out) to the inside of the Furioso front, and check its fit with the main body. Once you are satisfied with the alignment. fill in any gaps with Green Stuff.

After preparing the front, check its fit with the main body, and add Green Stuff along the edges where necessary, and join the two halves.

Step 5: Final Assembly

Now all that's left is to attach the arms, and your new dreadnought is ready to serve the Emperor!