Introduction: Upholstered Picture Frame

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In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make a beautiful upholstered frame.
If you want to display your favourite pictures but are looking for something different, this could be your answer. And if you already have wooden picture frames, but are tired of them, you could transform them into upholstered frames easily.

I choose to cover them with faux leather, but you can use other kinds of fabric: lace, printed cotton, tweed, velvet. Chose one that fits your personal style and your home decor.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

A wooden frame


Heavy duty staple gun



Decorative nails (tacks)


Step 2: Cut

Lay your fabric on a flat surface, put the batting on top. Then put your frame facing down.

We are going to cut the batting and fabric. I found it's easier if you staple one side, then cut the batting and finally the fabric. It's better to cut them a little bit larger than needed, you can always trim them after stapling.

Step 3: Staple

Making sure the fabric is a little bit tight, staple the other 3 sides, start with two opposite sides, then staple the other two. Do not staple the corners.

If you think there's extra fabric, trim the excess.

In the corners cut out a triangle, and fold the remaining fabric tightly, as shown in the picture. Staple the corner. It should look nice and smooth, if it doesn't, just take out the staple and repeat.

Step 4: Cut

Cut the fabric and batting that's inside of the frame, as shown in the picture. If your fabric is too thick as mine, cut the fabric first, then the batting.

Flip the frame and finish stapling. Trim the excess.

Step 5: Nails

Using a pencil, mark where you want the upholstery tacks (I drew a swirly line at one corner) then hammer them.

In this step you also have chance to express your personal style, I loved these golden upholstery tacks that have a hammered finish, and they go perfect with my other decorations.

Put a picture and that's it! Now you have a beautiful frame.

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