Introduction: Use Balloons to Prevent Caulk/Construction Adhesive From Drying Out/Hardening in Open Cartridges

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Since balloons are airtight, they make ideal tools for preventing open caulk and construction adhesive cartridges from drying out.

1. Standard balloon
2. Open caulk/construction adhesive cartridge
3. Talcum powder
4. Rubber band

Step 1: Sprinkle Talcum Powder

1. Sprinkle a little talcum powder on the balloon to make it less likely it will stick to itself.
2. Spread the power around on both sides of the balloon with your finger.

Step 2: Roll Up Balloon

1. Roll the end of the balloon onto itself, similar to how a new condom is rolled up when taken out of its wrapper.
2. Roll it until you get to the larger head portion of the balloon.
3. Next, roll up the larger head of the balloon to squeeze out all the air.

Step 3: Put Balloon on Plastic End of Cartridge

1. Insert the open plastic end of the cartridge into open end of the balloon.
2. Roll the balloon down onto the plastic nozzle of the cartridge to the bottom, similar to how a condom would be deployed prior to use. Keep holding the larger portion of the balloon rolled up.
3. Fold the larger portion of the balloon in half and down around the plastic applicator.
4. Since this seal will not be completely airtight, use the rubber band to seal it off completely.
4. This should create a tight seal that will allow you to store the caulk or construction adhesive over an extended period of time.

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