Introduction: Use Sugru Cold Set Rubber to Cover Exposed Metal Threads

You can use Sugru to cover up normally sharp edges. In this case, I had an exposed metal thread at the junction between a pipe and a flange it screwed into. When Sugru sets, it becomes relatively hard and can prevent incidental scratches and cuts.

Step 1: Find Something That You Might Cut Yourself On.

Step 2: Apply Enough Sugru to the Area to Create a Thick Barrier

Be careful that you don't push too hard while the Sugru is still soft and accidentally cut yourself.

Step 3: Use a Flat Object (like the Edge of a Credit Card) to Make the Edges Look Neat.

Follow the directions on the package. Once you have exposed the Sugru to air, you have a limited time to make changes before it begins to harden. Work smoothly and you will have more than enough time to clean up the appearance.

Step 4: Allow 24+ Hours for the Sugru to Set. Enjoy Your Newly Safe Object!