Use Sugru to Cover an Unsightly Fastener

Introduction: Use Sugru to Cover an Unsightly Fastener

Use cold set rubber product, Sugru, to cover up an unsightly fastener. In my case, it was a screw that was holding up a makeshift whiteboard. I used white Sugru, but any color could do.

Step 1: Make Sure That the Fastener Is Not Protruding Too Far Out of the Wall/object

Step 2: Take a Small Amount of Sugru and Make a Ball

Step 3: Press Ball Into the Center of the Fastener You Are Trying to Cover

Be sure to not depress the rubber too hard. If you do, just remove it completely and make a ball again. Then proceed with this step.

Step 4: Shape the Rubber However You See Fit.

In this particular case, I made the rubber rectangular.

Step 5: Allow Sugru to Set for 24+ Hours Before Putting Any Stress on It

Also, take note, this is a "permanent" solution. Do not use Sugru as a temporary cover for a fastener.

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