Introduction: Use Flyers or Postcards to Make a Origami Gift Box

A few years ago I learned to make these nice boxes.
Those are very stable and you can store your stuff  in there or use it as a gift box.
I usually use free cards or flyer's. In bars and in my
university they have tons of cards and some have a nice layout.

You only need 8 cards and scissors.
You don't need any glue.

Step 1: Fold the 4 Parts for the Bottom

The folding part is very easy. the more you fold accurately- the better your box will turn out.
If you care for a symmetrical look you have to turn the cards always the same way.
The green part on the white sheet shows what you can see from the outside later. The triangle
goes to the bottom.
Just follow the chronological order of the pictures.

Step 2: Putting Together the Bottom

This part is a little confusing but when you understood the system is is very logical.
I used different colors that you can distinguish the 4 parts.
Each part goes on one side over and on the other side under the next segment.
I think it is easier to let the pictures talk. ;-)

Step 3: Fold the 4 Parts for the Top

The top is made the same way like the lower part.
You just cut off the part you fold in for the bottom, then you fold it in again.
Put the 4 layers together like in step 2.

Step 4: Putting Together the Box

top and bottom have the same size were they go together.
for making the cover fit on the box you have to put the parts of the bottom tight  together.
Pull the parts from the cover a bit apart.
Now you can put the cover on the box.

Step 5: Variations and Tipps

Here I have some pictures from the boxes I made.
You can make the box higher if you don´t fold the edges all way down- just fold them in a bit.-minus- the box loses stability.

Have fun collecting cards and folding your own boxes!

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