Introduction: Using Camera Filters

Camera Filters are a very fun and efficient way to enhance your photos. Although I only have a few filters on my camera, I will be discussing the filters I have and a couple more.

Step 1: Vivid

With the Vivid filter, the picture taken is more bright and colorful than a normal picture. I like taking Vivid pictures of things that are joyful and colorful, such as flowers. Above, I took pictures of flowers and compared them to the original pictures. The first two are Vivid, and the last two are normal.

Step 2: Lomo

Lomo is a filter that darkens the edges around a picture. This filter is great for taking pictures of objects that give a dark and ominous feeling, and things that don't have much color. For example, a tall tree looming over me makes a great Lomo picture! Or a vine sneakily crawling up a wooden wall. The options are endless!

Step 3: Pencil Sketch

This is one of my favorite filters. With Pencil Sketch, you can create a "drawing" of anything. I like to use Pencil Sketch on simple objects with designs, like the teapot above, but this filter looks great on almost anything!

Step 4: Sepia

Personally, I think it is difficult to take a good Sepia photo (brown and white). I suggest using objects that might look good in an old book, such as a Cacao Bean. If you find anything else that would make a good Sepia picture, let me know :-)

Step 5: Black and White

Like Sepia, I think the Black and White filter is difficult to use. I think the Black and White filter looks good on something old and simple, like the objects above. Again, if you have a suggestion for taking Black and White pictures, please share :-)

Step 6: Other Filters

Other camera filters include:

  • Negative
  • Fish Eye
  • Reflection

For the Negative filter, which affects the colors of everything, I like taking pictures of something technological.

Fish Eye is a fun filter. I think this filter looks great when taking pictures of pets.

And last but not least, the Reflection filter. Personally, I think pictures of buildings with lights would look amazing with this filter. It is also a fun filter to use on people! Thank you very much for taking a look at my instructable. I hope my ideas help you a lot. Have fun :-):-):-)

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