Introduction: Utimate Satisfaction : Best USEFULL and DISCREET Fidget Spinner

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Why is this design the best fidget spinner?

It is small.

It can be used with one hand.

It doesn't make much noise.

It spin slowly to give you control to really help ease anxiety and increase concentration.

Step 1: Materials

Washer 1,25''

1 small button (fit in the washer hole)

2 medium buttons (smaller then the washer)

Small rope

Super glue


Bonus :

Paper and printer (make it pretty!)

Lube (to make it faster)

Step 2: Bonus 1rst : Make the Washer Pretty

Print the image i made and provided in this step for a 1,25" washer. and cut your choice of 2 rings.


Do a google image search on "Phenakistiscope"

Find an image you like and print it to the size of your washer.

Then using the super glue, glue it to the washer on both size.

Step 3: Make the Grip

Put the rope around the washer using the super glue carefully to make it stick.

Use the scissor to cut the excess.

Step 4: Glue the Buttons In

Now lets make the spinner :

Glue in the center of one of the medium button the smaller one.

Wait for it to dry a little then put the washer around the small button.

Glue the other medium button.

Step 5: Bonus : Want It to Spin a Little Faster?

If you want it to be a little faster and make even less noise, just lube it up a little using a pray lube.

Don't put to much and be careful not to ruin the paper.

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