Do you like pistachios? If yes, you may have a chance to make a beautiful card or a candle holder or a picture frame if you decide to follow my tips and start collecting and coloring the pistachio shells !

Let's go ahead and make some nice V-Day cards for FREEE !!!


Do you like throwing away all the shells of nuts that you eat? But haven't you thought that sometimes they are worth keeping and even collecting in jars ... well... for future DIYs :)

Have you thought of throwing away your old nail-polish? DO NOT ! Turn them into tools for crafting !

So, pretend that you're a Nail-polish specialist in a Beauty Salon and start nail-polishing all the pistachio shells for your project one by one :))

Well... ! For the inpatient and angry DIY-ers, skip this step and just SPRAY-PAINT the shells LOL!!!

Then you may arrange all the dried shells into some shape (I've started to make a flower but then, I've re-decided and have made a Heart-shaped shell arrangement!


After you're done with your pre-design, start cutting a heart-shaped paper (I've used a ready heart shape that I've had from a previous project but you may just draw any nice shape and cut it out for your V-Day Card Decor).

Then start gluing the shape to your card and start attaching / gluing all the pistachio shells one by one covering the whole heart shape. I've also used a leftover red ribbon to glue on the bottom of my card (it gives my card a "framed" look) :)

Later you may add some cute doilies inside your card and add some pearl half-beads on them.

I also drew some lines to make my doilies to look more festive :)

Step 3:

After the gluing and attaching is done, go ahead and write a cute V-Day note to a friend or a family member!

You may even put a lipstick and leave a "KISS" mark on the card and cover it with the doily... I think your female friends or family members would appreciate your "KISS" LOL!

Hope you like this romantic up-cycling DIY project. If you like such DIYs, please visit my YouTube channel at:

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