Introduction: V the Final Battle Makeup

About: My name is Lina Toro, I live in Medellin, Colombia and I´ve been a makeup artist for more than 5 years. I´m a self taught makeup artist specialising on editorial makeup and special effects.

Makeup based on the V the final Battle first series

Step 1: Create the Prosthetic Piece

Using liquid latex, modelling clay and tissue paper make the shape of the cheek piece and paint it a skin color using acrylic paint. The piece needs too have a rugged texture and be completely dry before painting and the first layer of green painting which is meant to be done when it´s placed on the skin. You must use grease paint makeup and seal it with loose makeup on some parts. The deeper or shallower parts has to be painted with reddish or brown colours to add depth.

Step 2: Glueing the Piece and Painting the Lizard Side

Placement is very important so this shows the exact place you should add the prosthetic piece so it´s not uncomfortable to wear. Using liquid latex glue the piece to the cheekbone area exactly in the place you see in the pic and allow to dry. When it´s dry add powder or talc to allow the surface to receive more painting.

Once it´s set on the cheek, proceed to paint details using more acrylic painting and then paint the rest of the side of the face using creamy makeup and set with loose pigments. When the piece is painted completely and it looks blended with the rest of the makeup; you can use one cosmetic lens to enhance the makeup effect of the lizard side. Since I didn´t wanted the piece to look flat I did a "teared" texture on the extremes of the makeup using liquid latex and tissue paper and then pained the whole thing and added fake blood.

To make the skin look wet I used glycerine on top and vaseline on some parts. The other side of the face was made using regular makeup and I wanted this part to look glamorous and beautiful so the effect of the lizard part would look more shocking.

You can see some views of the makeup after it was done and before I added the lenses and the glycerine to add to the texture.

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