Introduction: Vacuum Cleaner From a Hairdryer

In recent days, I started looking for a vacuum cleaner for keeping my desk clean.
And I found some junk in my storage space, let's diy a vacuum cleaner.

Step 1: Modify a Hair Dryer From Blowing Into a Sucking Device

  1. This hair dryer is out of function. I tore it down and removed the heater and useless parts.
  2. Reverse the set of the motor like the fourth and the fifth pictures show. And then reconnected the cables to power the motor.
  3. Cut the parts which blocked the fan.

Step 2: Make the Air Filter Parts and the Dust Chamber

  1. I had a busted container. There were some holes on its lid. Then I buy a HEPA air filter because this part is very important.
  2. This lid was attached a piece of wood from a pallet. And then put RTV glue to ensure the lid sealed.
  3. Cut off the area of the lid and drilled five holes for air flow.
  4. The center one of the holes was used to fix air filter. Mount the air filter with a screw and nuts.
  5. Drill a 32mm diameter hole.
  6. Squeeze the hose into that hole and seal it with RTV glue.

Step 3: Fix the Hairdryer

  1. Make a supporter to hold the hairdryer.
    Draw a line along the shadow of the hairdryer. Grind along the line~
  2. Drill two big holes for the steel rings.
  3. Assemble the hairdryer and seal the gap between the hair dryer and the plate.

Step 4: Electronics for Power Control : CAUTION

  1. Tear down the control switch.
    Drill a hole and put a screw for fix the control switch.
    Make sure twice that metal screw is insulated from the PCB.
    Or a short circuit would cause the fire alarm.
  3. Attach the power supply on the base.

Step 5: Let's See the Performance


This baby can pick up dust, tiny wires, smoke, coins, and pads.

But thin cable and nuts could not be carried away. The hairdryer motor is 60W only.
The air flow is not strong enough to suck up those cables and nuts.

This performance satisfied me, I like it.

Step 6: I Want to Say ......

If you don't have broken things such as a hairdryer, a sealable box, and a power supply, etc, it would cost more rather than buy a brand new vacuum cleaner.
Commercial vacuum cleaners are more much effective than made by my own.

What you paid for are the strong motor, the air flow, the good sealability, the nozzle good use, the safety, and so on.
That is worthy!

The pros. that making that vacuum cleaner by my own is.......
The suction to pick up dust or smoke or bolts is not the same thing.
Picking up bolts and nuts.........maybe the magnet does that job better!
And no one wants to collect anything in the dust chamber which filled with dust......

When we are talking about sucking dust, my device doses that job very well.
Adjustable suction level, less power consumption, lower noise, no bad smell, longer operating time, and don't concern about overheat.

It is not necessary to pick up just dust with high power consumption device!!

Step 7: After a Several Days Using, This Device Still Works Pretty Well.

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