Introduction: Coffee Brewing Station

Coffee is every day drink. Making a cup of coffee in a short time is my concern about.

This coffee station has some specifications.
1. Put everything together.

2. Simplify coffee brewing procedure.

3. Easy to build this station........

Step 1: Check Which Coffee Gadgets Need to Be Organized and Roughly Replacement

  1. Gadgets to be put together
    a vacuum can, a pack of coffee beans, a cup, a coffee bean grinder, a water pot, a steel coffee filter, a wood box from Ikea.
  2. Roughly plan.I unscrew and tear down one side panel and this panel will be modified as a door. Place the grinder with L stand which I made before to up right corner, higher as possible. The vacuum can is placed in the backside. The other shows as the second picture.

Step 2: Grinder L Stand

  1. This L stand is helping to fix the grinder when turning the crank.
  2. The height of the L stand could allow the grinder's glass bottom being removed smoothly.
  3. Adjust the steel ring not too tie, not too loose. In case, a too tie steel ring causes the glass bottom stuck.

Step 3: The Coffee Vacuum Can Shelve

  1. This step is to attach a shelve for the coffee vacuum can.
  2. Depend on the bottom side of the wood box, I cut three pieces of the pallet wood.
  3. Two extra parts occur. Cut them. And add a pad under for balance.

Step 4: Attach L Stand

Drill holes and screw to fix the L stand to the upright place.

Step 5: Add a Door

Drill holes again. And install the door with hinges. Then drill holes once more for the next step.

Step 6: Put the Paracord Through Holes

  1. Because of that coffee vacuum can is too fat, so drill holes and use paracord straps to hold that can.
  2. Show as the third picture. The front door would be laying as a table. One of two paracord strap needs to support that table. This strap would be tie as possible.
  3. Use a buckle and hangman's knot to secure the door from open.

Step 7: Just Look at That and Feel Good!

Step 8: Usage Case

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