Introduction: Valentine Felt Keyring

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A step by step guide to make a soft felt owl, from the cut of the model and the fabric, to the stitching and filling of the object.

Step 1: The Material

Gather all the material: felt, needle, threads, scissors, hot glue and pattern.
You can download the free pattern.

Step 2: The Pattern

Cut all the parts following the model.

Step 3: Sew: Part 1

Sew the eyelashes in the white part of the eyes.

Step 4: Sew: Part 2

In the front part, sew the eyes and the heart on the stomach of the owl.

Step 5: Sew: Part 3

Sew the two parts of the owl close the object and leave a small opening on the head.

Step 6: Glue the Ribbon

Glue the ribbon for the keyring on the back part of the owl.

Step 7: Stuff

Stuff the owl with pillow filling.

Step 8: Sew: Part 4

Sew the part left open, to close the work.

Step 9: Glue the Last Parts

Glue the paws, the beak and the wings to the body of the owl.

Step 10: Assembles

Assembles the keyring to the ribbon.

Step 11: It's Ready!

Et voilà, it,s ready!
You can use this owl model for multiple projects and uses ... let your imagination run wild!

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