Introduction: Valentines After School Idea

This is a cute Valentine's heart that you can give friends and loved ones. It is very easy. I made it on OpenScad and I love to code on it. OpenScad is a great after-school time killer.


OpenScad, 3D printer

Step 1:

You need to open the OpenScad application. Once you do that you will type in this code:

color("purple")union(){ translate([-10,-10,0])rotate([0,0,0])cube([40,40,8]); translate([15,30,0])cylinder(h=8,r=25); translate([30,15,0])cylinder(h=8,r=25); } mirror([1,0,0])translate([0,30,8])rotate([0,180,41])linear_extrude(1)text("2020",15); } translate([45,2,-2]) linear_extrude(2) rotate([0,180,-50])text("Happy",15); translate([29,-6,-2]) linear_extrude(2) rotate([0,180,-50])text("Heart",15); translate([12,-9,-2]) linear_extrude(2) rotate([0,180,-50])text("Day!",12);

Step 2:

To make it more personal instead of text("2020") you can change it to a different year.

Step 3:

Once you finish coding it you will 3D print it.

Step 4:

When it is done printing you can make the letters stand out with a sharpie or paint.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Give this to your friends or loved ones and watch their faces light up with joy!

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