Introduction: Valentine's Day Kool-ade No-Cook Pie

Nothing says "I love you" by taking the time and effort to make something yourself.

This is a quick and easy no-cook pie to make that is unique and looks like you spent more time on it that you did. It is easy enough for a grade schooler to make with supervision and it not only builds their skills, but their confidence to proudly proclaim "I made this!".

It is also inexpensive - the total cost is well under $5, which is more than what you would pay for a commercially prepared pie.

Step 1: Ingredients

All you need is:

- 1 pkg Kool-Aid Tropical Punch Kool-ade

- 1 (8 ounce) container whipped topping (16 oz if you want to pipe whipped cream around the
edges, but that is optional and I did not use it for this project).

- 1 (12 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk

- 1 Tbsp. heavy or whipping cream

- 1 graham cracker pie crust

- 1 jar Marichino cherries

(I tweaked by recipe from the following recipe that I posted at Recipezaar: and this that was based on on original recipe at

Step 2: Add the Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk to the Whipped Topping

Step 3: Add the Kool-Ade to the Whipped Topping and Sweetened Condensed Milk

Step 4: Add 1 TBSP of Heavy or Whipped Cream

Step 5: Pour the Mixed Ingredients Into the Graham Cracker Crust

Pour in the ingredients then smooth the mixture over to make the surface smooth.

Be careful not to get too close to the edges or you will get crumbs into the pie.

Step 6: Drain Marichino Cherries Then Position Them on the Pie to Make Heart

To make the heart, is best to start with the center of the heart, then where you want the corners at the top to be, the the bottom and place a cherry at each point the fill in the rest of the cherries.

Once completed, place in the fridge for 2 hrs and it is ready to serve!
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