Variable Voltage and Current Power Supply




Introduction: Variable Voltage and Current Power Supply

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Check the above video for all the steps.

Homemade power supply, ideal for testing leds, motors and other electronics.

List of material used:

- Dual Meter Here or Here

- DC module

- 10K precision potentiometer Here or Here


- Normal 10k Potentiometer

Step 1: ​Prepare the Case

In this project i´m going to use a plastic container, cut 2 tipes of wood for the sides of the case and glue then together, use small wood pieces to secure them to the case.

Step 2: Drill the Holes

Mark and cut the case to fit all the parts.

Step 3: Wiring

Just follow the schematic, in fact its very easy,just need to remove the small blue potentiometers from the module and reconect the wires to the bigger potentiometers, solder all the remaining components, put all the components inside the case and its nearly done.

Using the schematic:

1º-Power the DC Step-Down module using a transformer from 4 to 30 volt, connect the amp meter to the source "in" 2º-The yellow wire is pluged to the "out" positive side of the buck converter 3º-The remaining bigger black wire is conected to the "out" negative side, the the red is the output negative

Step 4: New Arrival !

While i was finishing this project i received 2 new precision potentiometers, you can use the normal ones but the with the precision potentiometers you have more precision to select the values that you want.

I cut the first and forth cable from the module and use only the other 2 cables for each potentiometer.

Step 5: Time to Test

A nice and easy project to do, i´m going to use it for simple electronic tests.

Tank you for watching ;)

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    1 year ago

    I made the same project. It is working fine. Modules: XL4015 + LCD Voltmeter 4 digits (3 digits model is not the best in accuracy). When I turn potentiometer to set voltage on XL4015, there is a some delay (0,5 sec) before the actual voltage is displayed on the LCD. I tried XL4015 + Ordinary Multimeter, this delay is not present, the voltage is displayed live while turning the pot. But as said XL4015 + LCD voltmeter Display combo, there is some delay, like the voltmeter is analysing the new voltage value.I would like it to be instanetly, no delay, while I turn the pot, the voltage is display directly!! Maybe somebody encounter this, and got some idea??


    Question 2 years ago

    What is the maximum amp ?