Introduction: Various Ethernet Shields for Various Aruino Boards on MODBUS TCP Communication: TESTS


In this instructable, I will test the communication between a PC (using AdvancedHMI the client) and various ethernet shields (the slaves) mounted on various board.

Step 1: The Matrix of Comparisons

I tested 3 ethernet shields:

  • the basis ethernet shield W5100
  • the SEEEDUINO ethernet shield based on W5200
  • the arduino ethernet shield 2 based on W5500 (the best).

4 different boards have been necessary to make the test:

  • arduino UNO
  • arduino MEGA 2560
  • arduino DUE
  • arduino ATMEGAS clone DIY

The red crosses in the matrix indicate that it was impossible to have a communication (I don't have found yet the trick).

I give you 3x4 sketches: 3 shields (W5100, W5200,W5500 ) for 4 boards. And the usefull libraries to communicate for each shield (3).

And the SCADA via advancedHMI to test the communication.

Step 2: Conclusion

It was a huge task to make these subnumeral tests and 2 of them have not been issued. I'm working on the problem.

Thanx to all interesting tutorial on the net.

Happy instructable!!