Introduction: Various Ways to Hide Files on the Computer ( No 3 Is My Favorite and Effective)

everyone must have a secret. one of which is a secret file. here I will share some ways to hide files without additional softwere for windows operating system.

1. hide files with properties

this way is the most commonly used and widely available tutorial on the internet

Step 1: Prepare the File You Want to Hide => Right Click => Properties

Step 2: Tick Hidden Column => Click Ok

Step 3: If the File Only Looks Transparent As Shown Below

Step 4: Then Click Organize => Click the Folder and Search Options

Step 5: Click Do Not Show Hidden Files, Folders and or Drives

Step 6: And Finally, Your File Disappears

Step 7:

2. hide files with CMD (command prompt)

this way is almost the same way first, this second way using CMD

Step 8: Search Cmd on Start Menu and Click

Step 9: Write Command With Format => Attrib + H + S "file Storage Location" => Enter

example : i want to hide windows wildlife sample video file
command: attrib + h + s "C: \ Users \ Public \ Videos \ Sample Videos \ Wildlife.wmv"

Step 10: Finally, Your File Disappears

Step 11: If You Want to Display Again Then Change the + Sign to -

example: attrib -h -s "C: \ Users \ Public \ Videos \ Sample Videos \ Wildlife.wmv" and your files will re-appear

Step 12:

3. Disguise the file with rename

this way I like the most, why? because it is easy and efficient. By renaming files with unusual files, such as program files with extensions (.exe, .ini, .inf, .SFX, .bat and others). Automatically our files will not be suspected by others

Step 13: Right Click File => Rename

Step 14: Select the Appropriate Name

example: takes a play on the name of the winrar program folder, i make name parody from default64.sfx

Step 15: If You Want More Secure Then Move Our Files to the Folder

General psychologically , people will surely think it's a file belonging to a winrar program so that no suspicions arise to our files

it's all my experience in hiding files, I hope can help, wise in hiding something hehehe
greetings from Indonesia

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