Introduction: Simple Lithophane World Lamp

In this project I want to make a lithophane lamp
before starting, let's prepare the tools and materials first

the first of course is lithophane products, in this case I use 3d print.

Step 1: Convert Your Image to 3d Design

I use the online application,

this site is used to convert images (jpg) to litophane (stl) 3d objects There are lots of tutorials on using this site, you can search for yourself on the internet.

for example I use the world as an image

download the 3d design (stl) from the site if it has been converted

Step 2: Slicer Your 3d Design

slicer is useful for converting the 3d design (STL) into a machine command (Gcode), so it can be printed by 3D print.

I use repetier host can download it for free at

Save your gcode file after slicing 3d design (stl).

Step 3: Print Your Lithophane Using 3dprint

After completing slicing and getting the gcode file, print the file using 3dprint

Step 4: Check Your Lithophane Product

Then if you have finished printing, take the product and try to see the temporary results by directing the lithophane in front of the light, from here we can estimate the results.

Step 5: Design Your Litophane Lamp Casing

To make the casing you can use the material up to you.
in the project I use:

1. writing tool

2. ruler


4.lithophane products

5. Paperboard (I use food wrapping paper)

Step 6: Make Lithophane Place on Cardboard

1. Measure the large size of the lithophane product.
2. Cut the cardboard according to the size of the lithophane.

Step 7: Assemble Lithophane With Cardboard Using Duct Tape

in this step I suggest using black duct tape, so that light is maintained inside the lamp casing

Step 8: Shape Your Case Lamp

shape your case into a box, or up to you ......, you can choose according to your art.

Step 9: Put the Lamp Into the Case

You can choose yourself for lighting. You can use LEDs, neon lamp and etc.
in this project I used a light bulb for the light

Step 10: Decorate Your Lithophane Lamp

In this step I am giving fully to your artistic talent.
in my project, I only decorate using black tape for the cashing corner

Step 11: Test Your World Lithophane Lamp

turn on your lithophane lamp and enjoy the results.
In my picture, somehow it can't be seen on the camera, maybe because of the back light effect.

I photographed it in a bright room but made the lithophane results invisible. and if I focus the camera on the lithophane, then the room looks dark on the camera.

It is a pity that I cannot capture the beauty of the photo in the picture.

Step 12: Make Your Own Lithophane

You can make your own lithophane lamp. You can make romantic lights, signs, wedding gifts and others.

let's try and work

greetings from Indonesia

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