Introduction: Vegetable Mesh Bag Using Scrap Material

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Due to this Covid-19 pandemic situation, it's necessary to buy and store vegetables safely.

In this instructable, we will make a Vegetable mesh bag from scrap material.


Waste mesh fabric



Nylon thread

Step 1: Cutting the Material

Measure and cut the material using scissors as per your final bag requirement.

Step 2: Fold and Stitch

Fold from the one side.

Stitch from the three sides (Bottom, Right and left) using blanket stitch.

Step 3: Complete Blanket Stitch

Watch this video for doing a blanket stitch.

Step 4: Make Handle

Make two handles using any scrap material.

Step 5: Stitch the Handle

Stitch the handle at the top side.

Step 6: Ready With Your Vegetable Mesh Bag

Keep the vegetable inside the bag and use it.

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