Introduction: Vegetable Soup

a healthy diet is what we need in today's busy life. many a times it happens that we dont get that healthy diet because of busy life. so here is a very simple way to get all the nutrients in just few moments..

this recipe what i am sharing over here is very simple and very nutritious. everyone knows that vegetables are good source of nutrients, so lets prepare a soup using variety of veggies..

and the best part of this soup is that children consume it very easily...after your babies are 6 month old this soup is a great way of introducing something healthy and nutritious in their diet ....not only is it for the children but also for the old people who find it difficult to chew the veggies...

in fact it is for those people, of any age , who believe in living a healthy life and most importantly can consume it daily for nutritious purpose

so lets begin..

Step 1: Ingredients..




french beans

beet root


and water

(you can also use broccoli or cabbage or any other vegetable)

Step 2: Chopping...

chop 1/2 cup tomato, cauliflower, french beans, carrot and beet root

Step 3: Boiling..

in a utensil take 2 cup of water and boil it..

after a boil add all the veggies and keep it on the stove for 10 -15 minutes.

Step 4: Straining..

take the mixture and strain it using a strainer. after straining add a pinch of salt. (also pepper if you wish)

it completely depends on you whether you want to strain it or not. if your child does not eat veggies then you can serve after straining. however, it also tastes good if you eat veggies along with it.

keep in mind that when you feed this to your new born add sugar instead of salt.

Step 5: Serve..

your soup is ready to serve..

serve it hot to taste good.....

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