Introduction: Funky Hat

hat becomes a major part of our accessory when it comes to fashion. it makes our look more trendy and cool. so choosing a good hat becomes very important.

i am sure most of us buy hats occasionally, but what do you do when it gets old?? we generally throw it out, right?? so how about instead of throwing it out, converting it to a cool, funky hat which you can use for some special occasion like may be fancy dress and all??

well in this instructable let me share with you how to transform a hat into a funky one...

Step 1: Materials...

cloth (white and black)

netted cloth



old hat

and also sewing machine

Step 2: Beginning

first of all fold the cap and according to its measurement cut a paper for your reference.

Step 3: Working With Cloth

now cut small square of white and black cloth (1" by 1").

Step 4: Sewing

now you have to stitch those small squares alternatively. (one black and one white)

Step 5: Next Step..

after stitching, take your reference piece and cut it according to the reference.

Step 6: Joining

then join those cutouts to make the hat top.

later sew it to the old hat.

Step 7: Making Brim

later cut a piece of black cloth to make a brim ( using reference). then sew it to the old hat.

cut strips of white cloth and sew it on the brim to give it a nice look.

Step 8: Adding..

take your netted cloth and add a strip of it to your brim.

while adding put a wire in the cloth and stitch it at the end of the brim.

Step 9: What You Need for Decoration..

some craft beads


needle and thread



jump rings

Step 10: Make Pom Poms for Decoration

take a fork and wrap wool around it several times and then tie it at the center. then cut the wool at the end. later open up the wool strands to make it a ball.

Step 11: Decorations

use various beads to decorate your hat.

attach a pom pom at the top of the hat and some small pom poms at the edge of the hat using jump rings.

make a string of flowers and balls and sew it around the hat. you can also use a ribbon.

Step 12: Ready..

your funky hat is ready...

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