Introduction: Vegetable Support or Trellis (or Obelisk!) What Would I Know!

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I like growing vegetables but finding decent supports is difficult.

I bought some from Bunnings but after a season or so they were bending and really not man enough for the job.

I have also used wood but - you know - rot and all that nonsense

I want something that will last years (at least 30!!) to see me out :-)


Rebar (I used 10mm x 6m lengths)

Tape Measure

Marker Pen

G Clamp (turned out to be optional)

Hammer - Because hitting things is always good


Sunglasses(cos you know -- cool)

Hat - Its sunny and hot and I haven't got a lot of hair so my bonce burns

Step 1: Materials

I bought 10 x 6m lengths of Rebar at the store, I had a bolt cutter with me to cut them in half (as I only have a small car to transport them but the very nice lad at the shop cut them for me -- TOP BANANA!! work saved

I then marked the 3m lengths in the centre using a marker pen

Step 2: Bending

I banged a 6 inch nail into a fence post and clamped the first piece into place with a G Clamp ( found out fairly soon that this was pretty much unneccessary but hey-ho) and bent the rebar around

Step 3: All Bent, Time to Fix

Put the pieces in the grass and set them out, now at this point I could have just zip tied them but..........

Step 4: Welding

If you've got a welder, you may as well use it (and I've got 2) :-) - MIG and Arc

Step 5: And in Position

Two to protect the Blueberries, and the rest for beans, peas etc to grow up

May make some taller (2m) ones next week

Took about an hour to make 10