Introduction: Indian Vegetable Uthappam

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Here's a delicious, healthy uttapam recipe with lots of vegetables.

Lets make mixed vegetable uthappam.


Instant dosa/uthappam mix (it is a mix of rice & urad dal flour)

Veggies of your choice



Green chilies

1 tsp coriander leaves

1 cup cabbage

1 capsicum



Oil for cooking

Step 2: Chop the Veggies.

Step 3: Add Water to the Mix.

Step 4: Add Chopped Veggies in the Mix.

Step 5: Bring the Pan to Heat, Add Oil.

Step 6: Spread the Batter on the Pan. Cook at low Flame and Grease It on the Corners and Turn It to Cook the Other Side.

Step 7: ​Serve It Hot With Sauce.

If the batter sticks on a pan add little salt to the oil and grease the corners so that uttapam will not stick to pan.

Cook it on low flame to make it tastier.

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